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Savannah Ball graduated with her BFA in Painting and Printmaking with a Minor in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 and received her Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from Northwestern University in 2018. She was born in Orlando, Florida and currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. 

Over time Savannah has developed a specialized approach to landscape painting, which results in abstracted renditions of unique scenery. She takes inspiration from the geometric and textural elements of original photographs, and loosely, yet purposely, recreates those elements with acrylic paint on canvas. The addition of a variety of medium additives allows her to build up an almost three-dimensional quality to each piece, and her bold color schemes give her works a vibrant sense of personality. Savannah is committed to a methodical process that involves a number of directed steps, each of which is essential to the finished product. Though regimented, her system allows for an optimal amount of freedom in creative decision-making while still paying due tribute to the initial inspiration.

Savannah is currently represented by Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Photo Credit: Misfit Moon Photography

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